24 January 2012

When you need a little motivation

We know the feeling.  You enjoy your sport, you like how you feel after exercise but some days (some days in a row), you just don’t have the drive to change clothes and work up a sweat.  So what can you do to ramp up that energy, push yourself to get started and just do it!?   From Yoga Journal and a Motivational Coach Heather Mundell, we found a couple 5-step articles about motivation.   Top of the lists include having a goal and mixing it up. 
  • Set a target that you can work toward that week, or even that day.  Visualize accomplishing that goal, picture the end game. 
  • Change up your routine.  Whether it’s running a new route or incorporating intervals, trying a new sequence of yoga poses, signing up for a spinning class or donning a pair of swim goggles - add some adventure into your exercise regime!  Have we mentioned that we believe in cross training?  We do.  (Building your upper body strength will actually help you run farther; we’ll expound on that in another post.)
If that seems like a lot of effort too, at the very least find a new playlist … who can’t get fired up listening to Firework by Katy Perry or We Found Love by Rihanna?


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