22 January 2012

How much should you exercise? How much should you eat?

For those just beginning to exercise, The Dept of Health recommends 75 minutes of aerobic activity a week and strength training exercises 2 times a week. A schedule we like is a 30-minute workout (20 minutes of aerobic + 10 minutes of strength training) four days a week.  Whether your choice of activity is running, swimming, biking, yoga or rowing, a good way to stay on track is to join a running group, sign up for a class, enlist a buddy and most importantly PUT IT IN YOUR CALENDAR.  Commit.

For those who know they need to modify their eating habits, answer this: how much are you eating?  Be honest, keep a food journal if you need to.  Know what a healthy portion size really is, and know what your calorie limit should be.   Read package labels and balance your plate – hint: half of a meal should consist of fruits and vegetables.  http://ChooseMyPlate.gov is a good site with lots of information.
Calorie allowances vary by age, gender and activity level.  You can view  Dietary Guidelines for Americans at http://www.cnpp.usda.gov/Default.htm.   For example: A woman age 31-50 of moderate activity should target 2,000 calories a day; a man age 31-50 of moderate activity should target 2,400-2,6000 calories a day.

So, this is the starting line.  Arm yourself with knowledge and make the commitment to ingrain it into your lifestyle. Follow us on Twitter @BrewerTweet for more resource links.

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