18 June 2012

What is Your Exercise Personality?

Do you know people who love to run, but haven’t taken an exercise class since Jazzercise first made the scene?  Know someone who tried kick boxing, hot yoga, kettle ball, TRX suspension training and every new exercise program introduced?  Turns out, there is a correlation between personality and the type of exercise a person is likely to enjoy.  

Type A people gravitate toward competitive exercise like running.  Type B personalities like team sports like baseball.  A person’s internal drive, discipline, and personal intensity can factor into which activity sticks.   Even the 16 personality types of Myers-Briggs have been applied to exercise personalities in the book The 8 Colors of Fitness by Suzanne Brue http://the8colorsoffitness.com/book/

Out of curiosity, and nerdiness, I compiled the responses to a question posted on RunnersWorld’s Community Forum which asked runners to submit their MBTI.   In that sample, more runners were Introverts than Extroverts by 2:1.  More were Intuitive (dreamers) than Sensing (realists) by 3:1.  There were equal numbers of Thinkers (logical) as Feelers (tenderhearted).  And Judging (structured) personalities heavily outweighed Perceivers (go-with-the-flow) by 5:1. 

Does it matter?  Not to determine athletic performance, but research shows if you enjoy an exercise/activity then you are more likely to make it part of your lifestyle.  And for long term health, an active lifestyle is more important to establish than pushing for a 30-minute workout every day for a year.  You don’t have to run 5 miles a day or take an aerobics class, like a Physical Fitness (gym rat) personality would.  Michael Bracko, Exercise Physiologist, identifies three other fitness types:  1- Functional (the gardener) 2- Health related (heart patient) and 3 - Recreational Athlete (tennis player)  http://www.rodale.com/exercise-personality?page=0,0                

For kicks, find your exercise personality and live a fit life:

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